With Stikeys’ Tutorials you will learn more about the science behind music production and everything that surrounds it, allowing you to better create music.

The Basics of Synthesis and Sound Design

Begin your journey on synthesis by learning the basics of sound design.

Understanding Sound Waves and Waveforms​

Waveforms are the base of any sound—therefore the base of synthesis.

Sound Envelopes: Shape Your Sound Using ADSR

The most common one is the ADSR, which you’ll probably find in all synths.

Understanding Every Audio Effect

Find more about the most common electronic music effects, especially in sound design.

What Are Filters and How to Use Them

Every sound consists of a series of harmonics, and the value of filters lies in shaping them.

LFO in ANA 2 by Sonic Academy

What is an LFO? Learn With Practical Examples

An LFO is a section that you will find in pretty much any synthesizer.