21 Free Plugins by Native Instruments You Must Try

Komplete Start is the free version of the whole Komplete series. Komplete is simply the name that Native Instruments gave to a certain group of sounds, synthesizers, effects, libraries, and expansions that are sold in bundles.

For example, the Komplete 12 version standard includes 50 instruments and effects, 10 expansions, and a library of more than 220 GB of sounds, for the price of US$599.00. With all of this included, we can say it’s the best software made by Native Instruments, where everything you could ever need is combined into a bundle.

For several years, the only versions that existed were Komplete 12, Komplete Ultimate, and the Collector’s Edition. But recently, they added two new bundles: Komplete 12 Select (which is a cheaper version of the premium bundles) and Komplete Start, which is the free version, and the one that we’ll be covering in this article.

Sorted by price from low to high, the Komplete bundles would be: Komplete Start (free), Komplete 12 Select (US$ 199), Komplete 12 (US$ 599), Komplete 12 Ultimate (US$ 1,199) and finally Komplete 12 Ultimate – Collector’s Edition (US$ 1,599)

As you can see, these prices —except maybe for Komplete Select— are really high, so probably most beginner-intermediate producers can’t afford products that are this premium. That’s why it’s good to know that we can have a free alternative that we know will have a professional quality production.

So let’s talk about Komplete Start, which is the version that everybody can start using today, regardless of which DAW you are using.

What is Komplete Start?

Komplete Start is a bundle of plugins made by Native Instruments that contains 7 synthesizers, 9 sampled instruments, 2 effects, and it also includes Kontakt 6 Player and Reaktor 6 Player.

If you want to see what this bundle is capable of, check this video of Andrew Huang where he makes an entire song using the sounds included in this pack.

You can pair the sounds included in the bundle with a free DAW software, and there you have everything you really need to begin to make music, without having to spend a single penny. It’s also a great complement for, for example, Ableton or FL Studio, if you happen to own either of them.

You don’t have to download all the plugins included in the bundle. So here you can read a list including a brief explanation of each of them, so you can decide which one you want to install and which one you don’t. Once you’ve decided, you can get Komplete Start for free here.

Now let’s see what you’ll get when you download this pack.


If you don’t know what a synthesizer is, you can check out our article covering this topic here.


TRK 01 Bass

This synth has a pretty self-explanatory name: it’s made for synthesizing bass sounds. It’s very simple yet very useful, intuitive, and perfect for creating bass sounds quickly. If you are not into genres that are sound-design-wise complex, this could be all you need for creating bass lines with real character and a low-end impact.

Mikro Prism

Mikro Prism

I love this one because it’s so simple. And because of that, you can get a melody idea out of your head quickly and translate it to your DAW.

If you are not really into sound design, this may be the plugin for you. With Mikro Prism you can create really cool sounds with little-to-no knowledge about synthesis. It even has 70 built-in presets so you can just pick one of them and quickly start making melodies.



Lazerbass is a very simple additive synthesizer which, you guessed it, it’s mainly useful for creating bass sounds. Because of that, it’s monophonic, and you can get really creative while making sub-bass sounds and dubstep wobbles with this.

Carbon 2


Carbon 2 is a very complete synthesizer that comes with 5 oscillators. Because of its big variety of filters and effects, you can get really experimental with it and create some unique textures. It also comes with a decent amount of presets that you can directly use, or modify them to make them unique.

Space Drone


If you were looking for a synth that can easily create deep and big atmospheres, this might be the one. Space Drone can produce up to 96 simultaneous voices which are more than enough for creating big pads and chords. It is also very simple and straightforward to use.



Newscool is a “unique and unpredictable generative sequencer and sound generator“. This is a music sequencer (mainly used as a drum sequencer) which means instead of creating a simple sound, it creates a pattern of sounds. That’s why it’s very useful for creating drum rhythms literally from scratch (which isn’t very common; adding a little bit of uniqueness and originality to your songs).

Blocks Base


Blocks Base is an actual digital modular synth. This means you can almost create your own synthesizer within this plugin: you can combine the 24 included blocks as you like and therefore create your own unique synthesizer. As you can imagine, the possibilities with this synth are limitless.

Sampled Instruments

Play Series Selection

Analog Dreams
Ethereal Earth
Hybrid Keys

These are the start versions of 3 hybrid instruments (which means are half-analog and half-digital):

  • Analog Dreams (includes analog sounds from vintage synths of the ’70s and ’80s)
  • Ethereal Earth (includes a huge variety of sounds: from pads and strings to basses and leads)
  • Hybrid Keys (includes sounds drawn from pianos, organs, harpsichords and more)

Kinetic Treats

Kinetic Toys

This is a really unique sampler that creates sounds and textures sampled from children’s toys. Useful if you want to add a little bit of uniqueness or fun to your productions.

Expansions Selection

This is a selection of almost 1,500 loops and samples from Native Instruments’ most popular Expansions. Works with Komplete Kontrol, which you can use to browse, load, and play these sounds.


This is a sampler that includes six ethnic instruments from across the globe (like Cuba, India, West Africa, among others). Includes flutes, bagpipes, plucked instruments, and percussion.


Band has a self-explanatory name: it includes 13 instruments that you would find in an average rock or pop band: electric guitars, basses, acoustic drum-kits, organs, electric pianos, among others.


Synth Drums

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, Synth it’s actually a sampler and not a synthesizer. It has a variety of sampled synthesized sounds such as pads, basses, leads, and electronic drum kits.



This sampler is useful for achieving a vintage vibe for your production. It includes 13 sampled instruments that revive the legendary sounds of analog synthesizers and electric keyboards.

Urban Beats

Urban Beats is perfect for creating drum loops. It includes five instruments and a selection of ready-for-action drum loop production kits, consisting of drum loops, single loop tracks, and individual slices.


If you don’t know what an effect is, you can check out our article covering this topic here.


Supercharger is a really simple and straight-forward “one-knob” compressor. This is designed for achieving quick results and instantly make your sound more upfront. It’s based in tube compression which gives a subtle warmth to the sound, similar to what saturation or distortion does.

Guitar Rig 5 Player

This is the starter version of the famous Guitar Rig plugin. It’s perfect for adding analog-emulated effects to your guitar (or any other sound, if you want to get experimental) whether they are subtle or not. It includes 17 cabinet emulations plus 13 effects and modifiers to shape and enhance the sound.


Komplete Kontrol

Kinetic Treats

Komplete Kontrol is the software that will allow you to unite all your Komplete instruments, effects, loops, and samples. You can easily browse and preview all your sounds, and quickly load them to your DAW.

Kontakt 6 Player

Kinetic Toys

This is the free starter version of Kontakt 6. It’s useful for running all Native Instruments’ Kontakt libraries, as well as hundreds of instruments from other companies. Most of them are real-life sampled instruments.

Reaktor 6 Player


This is a powerful platform that allows you to run all “Made for Reaktor Player” synths from Native Instruments or other creators.

Important note: most of the instruments included in Komplete Start actually need Reaktor or Kontakt in order to work. So make sure to download these two first, before trying to use any other plugin.

How to Download & Install

  1. Enter this link and click on the blue “free download” button.
  2. Then you have to log in or create a Native Instruments account.
  3. Download and install Native Access, which is the software that will enable you to manage all Native Instruments’ products.
  4. Click the “Get Komplete Start” button. You will receive a serial number and then all the products will be activated in Native Access.
  5. Click the “install” button at the right of the plugins that you want to have in your DAW. You will see all the products that you have installed in the tab “Installed products”.
  6. Finally, launch Komplete Kontrol in your DAW.

Should You Download Komplete Start?

Definitely, Komplete Start gives you a great start if you are a producer that can’t afford prices such as the ones listed above, or if you want a little preview of what can Native Instruments offer in their Komplete series so if you really liked it you can upgrade to, let’s say, Select or even above that.

I think it is a great choice for every producer that wants to enter the Native Instruments digital environment.