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Stikeys is a music production company with the objective of making your music sound better.

Our Mission

Stikeys is a platform where you’ll find everything you need for your music career. From sample packs and quick tutorials to in-depth guides and personalized services. 

The music production business is, generally speaking, very expensive. There are plugins out there that cost thousands and simple sample packs that cost tens of dollars. 

We think that these music resources should be accessible to every musician; especially for those who are just starting and have no budget. That’s why we have a huge library of free tutorials, tips, and guides, as well as extremely affordable music products such as sample packs and template packs (from just $1!).

Free learning

We have tons of completely free pieces of information for you to expand your music knowledge.

Nice despite the price

Cheap does not mean bad. We work with our team of professional producers as well as independent artists that will always provide high-quality products.

Extremely low prices

Our products are affordable for virtually every musician out there. Music resources shouldn't be a privilege.

Find anything

Stikeys provides you with every single music resource that a musician would ever need. From soundbanks to personalized services and advice, we got you covered.

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Stikeys has the most affordable prices in the market, from cheap sample packs to free guides and tutorials. 

We have mixing & mastering services, as well as a ghost production service, both completely personalized and, again, extremely affordable . 

We not only have the best prices in the market, but also we often offer discounts if you buy in bundles or on especial dates. You can follow us on our social media to stay tuned and get these sales!